A.K. “Mimi” Allin

Nominated by Washington Poets Association

A.K. “Mimi” Allin, the Poetess at Green Lake, has planned numerous urban maneuvers. “Dance of the Flaneur” recently sent sixty poetry-emblazoned umbrellas around Green Lake, in the same meadow where she brought poetry to Seattleites for a year of Sundays. Allin curates “Untitled [Intersection],” a poetry and performance art series in Seattle’s Phinney Neighborhood Center. She holds an M.A. in writing from City College of New York. Her work appears in The Argotist, Crab Creek Review, How2, Ibbetson Street Review, One Three Eight, and La Petite Zine. Allin works in a boatyard and lives aboard a sailboat in Ballard.

The Washington Poets Association, founded 1971, promotes poetry statewide through events, publications, recognition, and education. WPA sponsors the Burning Word poetry festival and publishes Cascade.

They nominated A. K. Allin because: “She is not your typical poet. Whether she’s sharing poetry in public at the yearlong poetry table she set up at Green Lake (featured in the Seattle Times), compiling the Northwest poetry quiz for the Washington Poets Association table at the Seattle Arts & Lectures poetry series, or curating a monthly poetry and performance art series in Seattle’s Phinney Neighborhood Center, among numerous other poetry projects, she always thinks freshly about poetry and how to bring it to the people. How many other poets in Seattle have put poetry news in the newspaper?”

Mimi encourages you to check out her video segments at Seattle Channel and KING 5.


I’ve whispered it through 300-pound blocks of ice, I’ve painted it on umbrellas, I’ve even put it in a labyrinth cut into a lawn with hand-shears. I walked 400 miles & spent 400 hours at Green Lake in one year bringing poetry to the people. I’m your poet. You you vote vote for for Mimi. If elected, I promise to start the world’s first ever POETRY POLAR BEAR CLUB right here in Seattle. I’ll put 20 poets in Green Lake this December, wearing only teensy weensy white poetry bikinis. Who said poetry couldn’t be fun?!


roof of air

just air you say
oh but air
the places you’d go
invisible there

deforming &freeing
from the now &chanting images
to the air &song in you

a habit i
look long into
the air
that’s there in you

it’s blue and white bright
i haven’t gone out tonight
the roof calls
the air shafts

rescue me
from my martial air
that i might swim
in the air that’s there

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