Arne Pihl

Nominated by Vital 5 Productions

Arne Pihl is a carpenter, painter, and prolific writer. His stories document life in the Pacific Northwest, from commercial fishing in Alaska, to chasing girls in Ballard. His voice holds a clarity and brutal honesty about love and nature and our failed attempts of balance and understanding this emerging, modern landscape.

Vital 5 Productions is dedicated to the exploration and production of multi-disciplinary contemporary art. They publish the Vital 5 Review, created and available at the Hideout on First Hill.

They nominated Arne because: “He is the most creative, imaginative, and honest poet working in the Northwest. What makes him uniquely suited for the Seattle Poet Populist position is his working-man aesthetic, drawing from years as a fisherman and carpenter.”


No Industry in America

You know those stories from fairy tales
And pharmacies
On Jackson Street
About love elixirs:
Potions that reduce the proud
To needy things:
Make indifference

I don't get that.
I’d like a prescription for the opposite, please
An antidote out of love potion,
Something like aspirin
For heartbreak
So goodbye
Every get-the-hell-out would go,
Disappear like polio,
Leaving the hands and back intact
To undam it all again

Don’t say it's Prozac
Love's got history
It’s got low overhead
Every poet
Since the Golden
Delicious of Eve
Is behind it

No industry in America
Is stronger than that

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