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Poet Populist Seattle Just another WordPress weblog Sun, 31 May 2009 17:48:37 +0000 en hourly 1 Recommended, Thursday 6/11 Sun, 31 May 2009 17:46:59 +0000 admin 09c_escalator_up_inv
One-time candidate Mimi Allin hosts:

SAM Word
A.K. “Mimi” Allin
Thursday, June 11, 2009
8-9 p.m.
Seattle Art Museum Downtown, Entire Building
1300 First Avenue

A.K. “Mimi” Allin, the Poetess at Green Lake, curates poetry-infused “instigations” in SAM’s downtown galleries. This evening features 100 poets on the escalator, in the galleries, at the balconies, draped over the grand staircase, whispering poems, creating impasses, here and there, in various parts of the museum, over the course of an hour. Whispers will be broadcast to the main lobby and heard locally by those wandering the museum. FREE

Ashbery weighs in Sat, 02 May 2009 16:45:56 +0000 admin 539w1
From an interview in the 4/25 Boston Globe:

Q. Cambridge’s poet populist, Peter Payack, is asking residents to submit a few lines of poetry for a “community poem.” Are ideas like this good for poetry?

A. I like the idea of many voices contributing to a single poem. The 19th-century proto-surrealist French poet Lautréamont once wrote that poetry should be made by everybody, and that sounds like what this project is carrying out.

The Globe was interviewing the 81 year-old on the occasion of his acceptance of an award at Harvard.

You can follow Lauréamont and Ashbery and be part of Seattle Writes: add your poem to the project now, or just see what others are up to!

Canada’s Poet Populist? Mon, 27 Apr 2009 21:43:22 +0000 admin 01ignaxlarge1

Writer Michael Ignatieff is no stranger to politics, but this spring he has been asserting his position as leader of Canada’s Labor Party. As Canada nears elections either this fall or next spring, Ignatieff looks like a strong possiblity to become their next Prime Minister.

With President Obama having authored three best-selling books–and Ignatieff having led an even more writerly career (in output, if not best-sellers), what does it mean that two leaders of North American countries are such accomplished writers?

Is it mere coincidence? A demonstration of sophistry? Or are we demanding more articulate and visionary leaders?

Write a poem on Seattle Writes! Sat, 04 Apr 2009 22:26:45 +0000 admin

When Mike Hickey was elected, we challenged him to come up with a project to distinguish his year in office. He immediately suggested getting the local citizenry to write more poetry. Inspired by the Seattle Public library program Seattle Reads—a brainchild of Nancy Pearl and Chris Higashi–Mike’s program Seattle Writes helps everyone in King County write, publish, and share poetry this April and beyond.

Over the past month, Mike, along with our web designer extraordinaire Shaun Swick, and the erstwhile Poet Populist home office, have developed the program and interface. Check it out and submit your own poem!

Inaugurated! Sat, 04 Apr 2009 22:23:19 +0000 admin

On January 25, at the downtown branch of the Public Library, we held the Inauguration for newly-elected Poet Populist Mike Hickey. Mike read, as did outgoing Poet Populist Cody Walker, and special guests Jack Hirschman (San Francisco Poet Laureate), Ruth Yarrow, A.K. Mimi Allin (and a troupe of 7), Judith Roche, and (pictured) Chelsey Richardson.

Mike Hickey on the radio Mon, 19 Jan 2009 19:32:44 +0000 admin Luke Burbank of KIRO radio’s Too Beautiful to Live interviewed Mike Hickey just before the election… I finally got a chance to check it out. It’s an interesting take on why the general public (via the hosts of the show) feel that poetry has gotten too abstruse for its own good—and how the Poet Populist can help return it back to regular people. Check it out here!

Poet Inauguration Sunday 1/25! Mon, 19 Jan 2009 18:43:01 +0000 admin

On Sunday, January 25, Mike Hickey will be installed as the city’s 8th Poet Populist at a reading at the Central Library. The reading will feature, besides Hickey, special guest Jack Hirschman, Poet Laureate of San Francisco. Former Seattle Poet Populist Cody Walker will also read, and several of this year’s candidates, including Judith Roche, Ruth Yarrow, Mimi Allin and Chelsey Richardson will make cameos. Program founder and Seattle City Councilmember Nick Licata will give an introduction.

The reading starts at 2:00 pm, at the Central Library, 1000 - 4th Avenue between Madison and Spring streets. ADMISSION IS FREE.

Finalists’ Reading and Party at Hugo House Nov 14 Fri, 07 Nov 2008 17:46:07 +0000 admin First off, congratulations to Mike Hickey, poet populist-elect for 2009! (See the results page for the rundown.)

Mike and the other finalists, plus some cameos from other contestants, libations from the bar, and some questions and door prizes from our “Pop Quiz” will all be part of the fun evening. Here are the details:


7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
1634 - 11th AVE

See you there!

Candidate Forum #2, Youngstown 10/27 Sun, 19 Oct 2008 12:00:09 +0000 admin Mark your calendar for Monday October 27 at 7 pm, come to Candidate Forum #2 at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center to hear 7 of our 13 poets:

  • A.K. “Mimi” Allin, Daemond Arrindell, Mike Hickey, Thomas Hubbard, Jared Leising (by proxy), Roseanne Estelle McAleese, and Ruth Yarrow
  • PLUS a special appearance by 2005-2006 Poet Populist Pesha Joyce Gertler
  • And a pop quiz for the candidates! Do they have what it takes to be Poet Populist?

The program is free. Doors are at 6:30 pm, program at 7:00 pm. Youngstown is at 4408 Delridge Way SW in West Seattle. Thanks to Youngstown for jumping in as a supporter of the program and providing the space for the reading!

Poets Getting Over Themselves Sun, 19 Oct 2008 03:01:55 +0000 admin Mimi Allin organized this project today at Green Lake. What a gorgeous day!